How Writers Write: Online Class from U of Iowa

How Writers Write Fiction 2015 MOOCpack


Fiction writing class available for free!

Welcome! How Writers Write Fiction 2015 was the University of Iowa International Writing Program’s fourth creative writing MOOC. This MOOC offers an opportunity for the interactive study (if you have a writing partner) and practice of writing fiction. The course was designed to welcome both beginning and experienced writers; video classes, writing assignments, and discussions engage and challenge fiction writers at all levels. How Writers Write Fiction 2015 was taught by Christopher Merrill, IWP Director and University of Iowa Professor of English, and Angela Flournoy, author of the critically-acclaimed novel The Turner House (reviewed by New York Times). In this video class, instructors Christopher Merrill and Angela Flournoy introduce two or three short video lectures given by successful authors of fiction. Each video class is accompanied by writing assignments, readings, and discussions questions. Optional supplementary readings were also provided. Each week’s video class, writing assignments, readings, and discussions were posted here in this MOOCpack. Free!

Now that How Writers Write Fiction 2015 has concluded, this MOOCpack remains available here for anyone who wishes to use it to lead a community workshop, form a study group, or review the MOOC content.

The MOOCpacks are available to anyone, anywhere in the world who wishes to use them in a group study, classroom, or workshop setting. The MOOCPacks provide course content and teaching tools for your use, but you can structure your group in any way you would like. If you’d like more information, advice for leading a study group/workshop, or assistance finding a public space to lead a group, please feel free to email us at distancelearning.iwp

Note: I have viewed the first three lessons. First rate presenters; diverse bunch; published writers; usually instructors of fiction. Although individuals may take the class, the format suggests a writing partner, or small group, maybe with a team leader. Assignments are optional, but seem well worth the effort. Team members would respond to assignment. Like several of us took the Acumen “Storytelling” class, the team helps motivate people to work hard, do their best. When originally taught, the class met weekly. PS. There is a similar class for poetry writers.

Sessions (Bookmark the site as you’ll need to return to it to start the next session.
1. Characters
2. Expanding characters and dialogue
3. Plot
4. Frame and arc
5. Voice and setting
6. Setting
7. Revison
8. Onward: The Writing Life

Author: iowagerry

Retired gentleman living with his wife and yellow lab in central Iowa. Charter member of Iowa Partners in Learning and the Ankeny Writers Workshop.

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  1. Gerry–Can you give me a specific email contact for this web page–I have searched it and they have not responded to my email. So I thought you might have a specific person I could contact. Thanks Alan


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