Ames Writer Attends Writers’ Workshop

I’m planning to attend a two-week writers’ workshop at the William Joiner Institute for the Study of War and Its Social Consequences, held at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. My project is a novel in which I examine the Vietnam War from perspectives of a family in rural Nebraska and another in rural Vietnam. I was drawn to the workshop because of Lady Borton, who is leading a workshop session on Vietnam. Borton, who worked in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and now lives in Hanoi, has written two books – Sensing the Enemy and After Sorrow – and numerous shorter pieces about the Vietnamese.

The summer workshop is open to writers of poetry, fiction, drama, non-fiction, and memoir. Special topics include women veterans, teaching about war, warrior writers and healing. It includes readings, films, and talks. There is a special component for veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This year the workshop runs from June 20 to July 1. The cost is $500, with a special rate of $250 for post-9/11 veterans. I was able to get a (relatively) reasonably priced room within walking distance of the campus through Airbnb. For more information

Deb Fink


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