PhotosThe Ankeny Writers Workshop meets the third Saturday of each month at the Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library. The library doors open at 9:00 on Saturdays. We start promptly at 9:15, ending by 11:30. The monthly workshops are open to all writers from beginners to professionals. Each month’s meeting will present a new opportunity for learning from practicing writers, colleagues and/or others who support writing and publication.

Date What’s Happening
May 20 Author MICHELLE SCHLICHER is the author of the novels The Blue Jay, Gracie’s Song and Come This Way.
June 17 Author, creative writing instructor TIM BASCOM who is Director of Creative Writing at Waldorf University
July 15 Author MARY KAY SHANLEY “Writing Your Own Obituary” Stanley is a regular instructor at the Iowa Writers Festival at the University of Iowa
August 19 Author Rena Olsen whose debut novel, THE GIRL BEFORE, is now available from Putnam.
September 16 Ankeny Writers travel to Montezuma for Montezuma All-Iowa Writers’ Conference


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,
    I was so impressed to read about your line up of writers –Joy asked me to speak to the group, but I’d like to come just as a writer!! I’m just starting a new play and I really need the words and thoughts of other writers. When my children were small and I was writing durig Sesame St and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, my once a month writer’s group was my salvation. My problem is, I get lost, really, really easily. So I need directions to the library. Not a map, I can’t read maps! But detailed written instructions with mention of landmarks. Thank you! I am so excited to read about your group!!


  2. I just found out about your writing group, and am so excited to start attending it in Ankeny. I am a new Christian author, and have just published my first book, Time With God In Finding Inner Peace. I really look forward to seeing you in January, and being a part of such a great opportunity as this one.


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